A Website For My Daughter!

Anna Mhairi Harris

Anna I have set up this website so that you can find me and realise that I have always been here. Here you can see all my contact information, telephone numbers and also my email address.

Anna I am living in France because I had enough of what your mother was putting us through. I spent two and a half years in the family courts after your mother ran away, it was sixteen months before I even knew where you where. Anyway I was not going to be treated the way she treated her other husband and you being used as a pawn and an instrument to hurt me. So I cut loose. I was not going to see you pulled apart.

Anna, your 18 soon and I plan to make contact with you somehow, but I am still not going to play any game with your mother, she took you away, she can return you as far as I am concerned. I am trying my best to make a life here for you to come to, maybe for holidays or even for good. There is such much to do and see, skiing, rock climbing, kayaking, hill walking, lots of special village fetes. It's a super place, the hardest part is learning the language, I have been here for 12 years now and I am still learning it. :)
Anna, I have much more to say but I would rather not say it here but face to face, I am really looking forward to us being together again, I am sure your mother will do anything to stop that but that's her problem and not ours. I love and miss you Anna and always have.